suzanneSuzanne’s artistic creativity and talent are uniquely expressed through exquisite Fine Paper Mosaics and Watercolors.  Her intricate Mosaics combine precision, hand-cut pieces derived from various textile media into colorful and captivating scenes. Correspondingly, Suzanne’s watercolors are exceptional in the fine detail, layers of colors, blending and shading she achieves in this medium.

As a Mosaic artist, Suzanne experiments with different techniques to create amazing images including flowers, nature, wildlife, and religious icons and scenes. Her award-winning Fine Paper Mosaics are paper pieces, each intricately cut and then fit individually to create movement, transition, and flow that from a distance appears as a fine painting but at close inspection reveals delicate paper pieces of individual color and texture..

Suzanne's award-winning Watercolor paintings showcase her faith and her lifelong passion for nature and wildlife, along with an acute attention to detail. She has lived in the Gulf Coast region and has first-hand experience with the scenes she portrays in her paintings.  She brings her outdoor experience into her studio to create remarkable paintings that capture the beauty of nature. Her time-consuming method of layering watercolors adds depth, color, and detail that sets her work apart.

The multitude of colors she uses expresses the vibrancy with which she sees each subject …  full of life, each having a unique story to share. Her colorful, larger-than-life floral Mosaics transform her images into extraordinary masterpieces.

Art judges, patrons, and other artists pinpoint Suzanne’s greatest artistic attribute as this use of color, saying “your use of color really sets you apart from other artists.”

She earned a Bachelors of Arts Degree from the University of New Orleans in 1976, where she had the special privilege to study under Ida Kohlmeyer, a recognized painter and sculptor whose works are held by the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the Smithsonian American Art Museum, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and the New Orleans Museum of Art.

Suzanne enjoys displaying her Fine Paper Mosaics at 4 to5 Fine Art Festivals during the year..  Follow the BLOG to see upcoming locations.

Suzanne is recognized by the National Society of Artists (NSA) as a Signature Artist.  Her artwork has earned Best of Show-Floral, People's Choice and First Place Ribbon winners in numerous Fine Art Juried Shows.