Capturing the simplistic beauty and design complexity found throughout nature are the objectives of my work.  Several decades of painting the fascinating splendor of nature with watercolors furthered my skills and knowledge of color, layering, blending, composition and balance.  Ten years ago, following several inspirational trips to Greece and Italy, I embarked upon a career transformation to  boldly embrace the challenge of mosaics.  Working determinedly since, I created a technique to achieve “realism through micro-piecing mosaics” utilizing an array of colored, textured and patterned papers. In essence, my brushes and paints have given way to blades and papers.
To support this new technique, over forty-thousand colored, textured and patterned papers from around the world have been amassed, most were destined for a landfill.  Repurposing paper intended for landfills to create art lasting generations is artistry itself. This collection affords a near limitless palette for desired color, shading, texture and piece-size selection to accomplish the tactile illusion of depth, color, dimension, transition and movement. Each paper piece, often cut nearly razor thin, is selected for shade of color, then individually and carefully shaped yielding a mosaic with marvelous realism. From a distance the finely cut pieces fuse seamlessly but close observation reveals the textures, precise razor cuts and patterns that add wonderment to the artwork.  


I've just completed exhibiting at my Spring 2024 Fine Art Festivals.  I thoroughly enjoyed meeting and sharing with so many my Fine Paper Mosaics at the Woodlands Waterway Arts Festival, at MAIN ST Fort Worth Arts Festival and at the  Cottonwood Art Festival.  Thank you for support of my art and the amazing feedback.  I am already at work creating beautiful mosaics for the upcoming Fall 2024 Festivals.  More to follow.


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